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Vasco Electronics Góralski Group S.K.A.


Vasco Electronics Góralski Group S.K.A.
Al. 29 listopada 20
31-401 Kraków

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Phone: +49 421 70 86 92 89


Vasco Electronics was founded in 2008 by Maciej Góralski, a businessman and paramedic, who saw a real and tangible need for electronic voice translators. And so with this goal in mind, we grew to become the European leader in the translation devices market.

Our most important task is to facilitate the communication for all people speaking different languages. With our Vasco Translators, people can forget about language barriers and focus on new challenges, discovering the world and developing their business.

Our flagship product, Vasco Translator V4, supports up to 108 languages and enables anyone to communicate with more than 90% of the world's population - without knowing even a single foreign language. 

Vasco Electronics Góralski Group S.K.A.
Al. 29 Listopada 20,
31-401 Krakau, Poland

Customer Service (English & German speaking):

Phone: +49 421 70 86 92 89

VAT ID: DE294673040
WEEE No. : DE 21832207